Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) – London Meetup

I went to the London meetup for of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi – and no, I can’t explain the acronym either) last week. My only previous visit had been November 2012, and I had gone away enthused and excited about my writing career. Unfortunately I’ve flagged in the last few months as I’ve been distracted by various non-writing projects, plus the day-job. I needed another shot of that self-publishing enthusiasm and self-belief.

This time I brought with me an old friend from the MA. Paul’s been prevaricating about publishing his first novel as an independent. I helped him with cover artwork as early as February 2012, but still he wasn’t willing to take the plunge. We heard some fantastic success stories. Chris Shevlin had sold close to a thousand copies of his novel. One member was late because he’d literally just pressed the button to publish his second novel, which he was putting out under a new persona, before coming to the meeting. Another told us of his multi-media book, which he’d been publishing a significant percentage of in daily mini-episodes over a period of four months. It was also great to see that than an older lady who’d turned up in November not knowing anything was now published, selling, and able to provide solid advice to younger and more tech-savvy members of the group. The meeting was expertly chaired by Orna Ross, who is sage, enthusiastic and inspirational. I can’t tell you just yet what I committed to publicly at that meeting, but watch this space on September the second! My friend? He saw the light, and I hope I’m able to write about his success in later blogs.

If you’re an independent author, I cannot urge you strongly enough to join ALLi. Find your local group using, or join here to get support, advice and discounts on professional writing services. You can also join the private Facebook page to keep up with winning marketing strategies.

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