Apocalypse Later… again

Thanks to terrific reader feedback, I’ve republished Apocalypse Later: A guide to the end of the world by Nice Mr Death as an ebook. It’s now available on Kindle, and from Amazon Createspace as a paperback.

Second edition cover

Second edition cover. Nice, eh? Designed for better interwebs viewing

I published Apocalypse Later as a traditional paperback in August 2012, as I was performing my cult solo comedy The End of the World Show at the Edinburgh Fringe. I’d done a half-run the year before, and audience members kept suggesting that I write a book. There was so much material left over, and (the late) Harold Camping was making headlines around the world with his doomsday predictions. The book sold like hot cakes after my show.

In December 2012 I was interviewed live on UK TV, and was featured in the newspapers, but sales of Apocalypse Later suffered because – being new to the publishing game – I didn’t have distribution. Despite heavy back-orders, the Amazon sales algorithm would only order a few copies at a time. Much of the humour is in the footnotes, and I didn’t believe that e-readers could handle them. I was wrong: badly wrong. I know, I know: I coulda shoulda woulda had a bestseller on my hands – they all say that! 🙂

Fast-forward to 2014 and I did a Goodreads Giveaway for Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens. When doing the fulfilment I discovered it would cost me no more to send a copy of Apocalypse Later to the winners in addition. Roll forward a couple of months and I received fan mail and a five-star review from a lady in California. She and her husband were raving about Apocalypse Later to all their friends, but she couldn’t get a copy from Amazon, and could I oblige her with a signed one?

I realised I had to republish. I made a couple of tiny updates for the second edition and designed a new cover. The original uses silver foil block lettering, and was designed to stand out in a retail environment. The new edition has a cover that lifts it off the page in web searches.

So there’s life after Armageddon. Apocalypse Later is available from Amazon as an ebook or a Createspace paperback. If you want a signed copy of the original first edition with silver foil lettering, please order one from the link on the side bar on my website.

Key takeaway – it ain’t over ‘til it’s over!

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