My year in writing and publishing

2014 was a very active year, and one in which I made some interesting discoveries about marketing and publishing as I launched my Doctor How series. Doctor How Series I’d launched Doctor How and the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy on 28th December 2013 after taking the advice of a Kindle marketing … Continue reading

Doctor How and the Frustrating Christmas

Yesterday I managed, finally, to publish Doctor How and the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy on Kindle. This is the first of two promotional short stories in advance of the publication of the first book in the five-volume Doctor How series, Doctor How: Who are the Illegal Aliens? due out on March 13th. It … Continue reading

Independent author, or independent publisher?

Self-publishing as an independent author is so much easier and rewarding than going down the traditional route, isn’t it? No agents, no publishers, better margins, choose your own cover artwork rather than have to put up with something dumped on you by a stranger who’s not even read your novel. … Continue reading

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