Doctor How and the Mad March Launch

The second week of March can only mean one thing: Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens is due for publication in four days.

The word count is now 65,000. It’s been professionally proofed and reviewed by a couple of beta-readers. The cover artwork has been done and redone. The CreateSpace version has been laid out, and it has lost two pages in the last 24 hours. Not a reduction in words – just an increase in the quality of layout. The cover was the last thing to be approved: a higher resolution image. The Goodreads giveaway finishes on Thursday 13th, which is the official day of publication. The press release is written and ready for release first thing on Thursday 13th. A video trailer will be released formally on the first stop on the blog tour that Goddess Fish Promotions have arranged for me. I have sneakily published the novel before its formal launch just to make sure I’m not missing any potential sales – and also so that I can order a few copies to fulfill that Goodreads giveaway.

Other things I’ve done are publish and arrange Kindle free days for:

Doctor How and the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy

Doctor How and the Rings of Uranus

Is there anything more I need to do? Yes, absolutely. I feel I’ve failed to engage with my potential readership in Goodreads. I’ve been made to feel very welcome in the Time Travel group on the site, but have been held back by the unwillingness to seem at all ‘pushy’ about my work. That’s obviously something I have to work on. All I can do now is keep writing book two (as yet untitled) and keep plugging away at the publicity as best I can without it becoming too much of a distraction for me.

Right now feels exactly like the moment before exams – months of preparation; and if it’s not done now, it’s not going to happen before the exam. The results will be out soon enough.

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