Doctor How – book two publication date announced!

Doctor How and the Deadly Anemones

Doctor How and the Deadly Anemones

I’ve finally got a launch date for Doctor How and the Deadly Anemones. It will be launched on March 9th on Amazon. It’s now available for pre-order.

I finished the first draft back in September but found it really difficult to think of a title. I delayed the launch further for a couple of reasons, which centred around the launch of The Chronothon, which is the brilliant second novel by my friend Nathan Van Coops. First off, I didn’t want to clash with his launch. Second, I wanted to get right for a free promotion of Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens, which is happening on January 31st to February 2nd.

Nathan’s novel launches Monday 2nd February, and he’s holding a Facebook event. Register here: There will be loads of famous authors dropping by and giving away free copies of their novels – so be sure to attend!

Meantime, if you want a free copy of the short story Doctor How and the Rings of Uranus, head over to and sign up for my email list.

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