ISP TalkTalk travels backwards in time

I had hoped to bring you a Skype interview with author Nathan Van Coops this weekend, author of new time-travel adventure The Chronothon. Less than a month after launch and he’s garnered fourteen five-star reviews. We had penciled in an interview for yesterday, but a test of my internet proved that it simply wasn’t going to work.

Here’s the rant. I pay for 34Mbps fibre broadband, and I’ve been stuck at 1.88Mbps download and 0.7Mbps upload for the last month. I’ve been given the runaround by call-centres and read scripts which are so far from reality that they’re comical. Eventually an engineer came around and confirmed that the problem isn’t in my home. Another call to my uncooperative and unforthcoming ISP some days later and I was given the story that “Fibre upgrade work is being carried out in your area and should be finished by the end of February”. Oh, really? How come they didn’t know this a month ago? Why isn’t it listed as a known issue on their website, like all the others? Why hadn’t the engineer been told? Surely his visit cost real money? And here we are at the end of February with the same low speed.

I know what you’re thinking: that was a decent speed a decade ago. Yes, but websites didn’t do as much back then. And I forgot to tell you that it took an entire hour just to get into Hotmail yesterday. I wasn’t going to name my ISP, but as February draws its last breath and they’ve not even bothered to update me, I’ll tell you: TalkTalk. This is real time-travel: right back to the days of truly dreadful customer service. If this is the future, I think we’ve seen it before.

Apologies for the rant, but with the launch of Doctor How and the Deadly Anemones in a week’s time you can understand my frustration.

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