Apocalypse Later is an illustrated paperback based on my show. Appreciating Assets is a fast-paced comedy, available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. If you don’t want to commit to a full novel, take a punt on the short stories in Britons in Brief. More details on my fiction page. In 2013 I started a major five-volume comedy called Doctor How.

Journalistic publications

The Sun. In just a couple of hours I delivered a humorous half-page feature for Britain’s biggest daily (3.2m daily readers):
Published on 21st November 2012

The London Evening Standard: http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/party-like-theres-no-tomorrow-8371349.html You know how it goes: my carefully crafted 850 words were hacked down to an uncredited opening paragraph – the only crass one I wrote – and a few words under the book.

BedTimes (International Sleep Products Association), Join the ranks of business bloggers (URL no longer valid – clipping available on request).

I wrote a large proportion of www.dads-space.com, part of the Parent Know-How programme. I produced 65 350-word articles in ten days, pitching expert medical and psychological advice at a wide adult audience.

SEO and Web Marketing

www.justaccountancyjobs.com is a website for financial and accounting professionals. The career blog is my content, which is long-phrase keyword optimised.

Created the original copy and website for www.sems-exploration.com. Unfortunately, the owner decided to transfer to a Ghanaian provider, hence the appalling spelling and poor aesthetics.

www.fionnphort-cottage.com and www.dungrianach.wordpress.com are designed to market a self-catering holiday cottage in Fionnphort, Isle of Mull.

Comedy Writing and Performance

Edinburgh Fringe 2011, The End of the World Show – solo multimedia comedy show on PBH’s Free Fringe. Nice Mr Death presents the audience with six religions. With the end of the world being nigh, at the end of the show the audience must vote for the end of the world for the whole of humanity.

BBC Radio 7 Newsjack (topical satire), 10th February 2011 – contributing writer

Edinburgh Fringe 2010, two-person stand-up comedy show Anna Nuvva-Fing.

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