What flower is your novel like? (Mine’s a Venus flytrap)

Venus fly trap

My Venus fly trap

At a writing workshop recently I was asked what my novel would be if it were a flower.

The answer was a Venus fly-trap. I mean, obviously. In part, that’s because the one I own was flowering at the time (see pic).

What I think is so funny about my Venus flytrap is that there it is busy making a living by (and let’s be honest here) murdering insects… and yet it’s a flowering plant and therefore completely dependent on them for pollination and procreation!

So what it does is really clever – it puts it flowers a clear twelve inches above the ground, which is about 10-11 inches above its deadly leaves in the hope that it won’t kill and eat the insects it needs in order to survive as a species.

And then I got to thinking that my latest novel really is like a Venus flytrap:

  • it’s fascinating and quirky
  • there’s stuff going on at a number of different levels to keep you guessing
  • it has fast and deadly action
  • there are beautiful bits (places, characters, emotions)
  • there are scary insects involved
  • …and you really want one so that you look cool!

It’s getting a lot of five-star reviews right, now: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0957320450

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